Launching my new business is exciting and nerve wracking.

Launching the Biz

Facing the unknown is scary, especially as a person who is very type A. When I decided to launch Katie Frank Communications, it wasn’t the work I was reluctant about, it was the vulnerability and unforeseeable risks that caused my trepidation.

It wasn’t until I was interviewing for a full-time corporate job that it it hit me: that’s not what I wanted. As a professional who nerds out on working while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, I needed a job at which I could help others with their endeavors while still being a mom to two kiddos under the age of five. I want to help redefine what work means and when it happens. I want to help others work smarter and produce the best product possible without anyone working all hours of the night.

Launching my new business is exciting and nerve wracking.
Where the magic happens. Photo by Katie Frank

The hours and days it took to develop this website, link the email address, and produce content to populate this site humbled me. Crafting articles and maximizing SEO potential is in my wheelhouse, but starting from scratch was new.

In the end, it works to my advantage. I’m a journalist at heart, and investigating and problem solving are my jam. I look forward to bettering my website and my services so my clients receive the best product possible.

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